Before you purchase a new home or business, you can cover your investment by booking a combined building and pest inspection with Bayside Home Inspections. With a combined building and pest inspection, our dedicated inspectors will be able to ensure that there is nothing amiss with your building, from more obvious structural damage, to the minuscule pests that can cause major damage down the track.

Booking building and pest inspections together not only saves you money, a building and pest inspection will check every aspect of your property including internal and external walls, the roof, below the floor, and the outside perimeter of your property. A pest inspection will not only be able to tell you if there is an existing infestation, our experts will be able to advise you if there is cause for concern later down the track.

With two eyes going over your home top to bottom, our inspectors will work together to ensure that your property is in the very best condition. You will receive separate, detailed reports for both your building and pest inspections, including colour photographs, within 24 hours of the inspections occurring. Complete peace of mind is just a phone call away. Speak to Bayside Home Inspections today on 0420 639 938.