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Finding your dream property is hard work. Finding out that it’s not what you hoped for because you didn’t organise a housing inspection on the Mornington Peninsula, is just heartbreaking. With Bayside Home Inspections, we will provide you with accurate building inspections, which you can combine with pest and termite inspections on the Mornington Peninsula for complete peace of mind. Know exactly what you are buying and book your home and building inspections on the Mornington Peninsula at Bayside Home Inspections. Phone now on 0420 639 938.

A home inspection at your Mornington Peninsula property will save you

Just imagine you’ve found your perfect property, and once you move in you find out that there all these structural problems that are going to cost you thousands of dollars to fix. You would be surprised how often this occurs because families don’t organise home inspections on the Mornington Peninsula. With one simple call to our team here at Bayside Home Inspections, we will ensure that you don’t end up out of pocket. Our inspectors will look for any problems large or small, and you can rest easy knowing that all housing inspections on the Mornington Peninsula are completed to Australian Standards 4349.1 and Australian Standards 4349.3. Once you have our report and photographs (guaranteed within 24 hours), you will know the exact state of your property, and you can make an informed decision before you purchase. Sleep better in your new home by organising a housing inspection with us, before you move in.

Book a full pest and termite inspection on the Mornington Peninsula today

You might think that pests and termites only affect older properties, however, you can’t predict where these nasty little pests will turn up. Worst of all, if there is an infestation on your property, you may not be covered by insurance. The best way to protect yourself is by booking pest and termite inspections at your Mornington Peninsula property. At Bayside Home Inspections, we use the very latest in tools, as well as our many years experience to determine if there is any hidden infestation or damage done to your property. To ensure that you are completely covered, we strongly advise that you book a combined building, and pest and termite inspection on the Mornington Peninsula. This way, we send two inspectors to cover your property top to bottom, including every nook and cranny. With both inspections you will receive separate, detailed reports and colour photographs, within 24 hours of the inspections occurring.

Get in touch with the elite team in building inspections

You should never sign the dotted line for your property before your organise a building inspection on the Mornington Peninsula. Our building and pest inspectors are completely independent, and so their biggest concern is you. They will take the time to look for any structural or termite damage in walls, floors and ceilings, as well as any possible issues with your insulation and asbestos. Our wide range of building inspection services on the Mornington Peninsula also include pre purchase building inspections, pre auction inspections, pre sales vendor building reports, special purpose business inspections, and timber pest inspections. From pest and termite inspections to general housing inspections on the Mornington Peninsula, we have you covered.

Be sure to call Bayside Home Inspections today on 0420 639 938 for your building inspections Mornington Peninsula.