The team here at Bayside Home Inspections have you covered when it comes to your home, including special purpose building inspections. If there is a particular issue or defect within your building that has been of concern to you, our special purpose business inspectors will take a closer look at it, and will be able to give you a full picture of the damage and what steps can be taken to rectify it.

Bayside Home Inspections can provide special purpose business inspections on a wide range of building issues including structural damage and gaps within building walls, floors, or ceilings; leaking roofs and waterwarks; insulation and asbestos concerns; and generally poor building workmanship. By engaging an independent building inspector to assess your  situation, we can help to put your mind at ease. Our inspectors will provide you with a detailed report that will outline the full extent of the defect, along with full colour photographs.

With Bayside Home Inspections on your side, we can tailor your special purpose business inspection to your needs. To have the answers you need quickly, please phone our friendly team today on 0420 639 938.